Pool closing date now 9/20

The Silver Lake Pool season will be extended by a week with a new close date of Sunday, September 20th; pending having updated weather information available next week, the closing date MAY may be extended further until Sunday, the 27th. Determination of the later closing will be made by the 17th, and the website will be updated accordingly. Please check for updates then.

Guests will be allowed on weekends – as well as weekdays – from this point forward. If you need a guest wristband please reach out to the SL Pool Committee at silverlakepoolcommittee@gmail.com.

Please note that the pool opening time remains the same, but as our hours specify closing at 8PM or dusk, whichever is sooner, the effective closing time will be approximately 7:30.
Finally, following the final pool closing date, the cabana hours will be expanded to 8AM to 10PM.

Again we appreciate all our residents who have made this season a safe and successful one! Please all stay safe and healthy.