Bluffs 2020 Annual Meeting Follow-Up

Happy New Year’s Silver Lake Bluffs!

2020 Annual Meeting Follow-up

I appreciate your flexibly around our 2020 Annual Meeting. In following with state guidelines, we opted not to have an in-person Annual Meeting. I am writing today in follow up to our Annual Meeting business conducted via mail. We mailed you a packet that included the 2019 annual meeting minutes, question form, and a call for board nominations to fill two available positions. 

  • We did not receive any revisions to the 2019 annual meeting minutes, so they are accepted as written.
  • We received only two nominations to fill the available board member positions, thus a ballot was not necessary. Jeff Baynham and Martha Gettys will be serving 2021-2023 terms. The board had its first 2021 meeting and determined board officer positions:
    • Jeff Baynham – President
    • David Sinodis – Vice President
    • Christian Holobinko -Treasurer
    • Martha Gettys – Secretary
    • Irma McClaurin – At Large 
  • The board has received your feedback regarding quality of the landscaping maintenance. The board provided feedback to our landscape service provider throughout the year hoping to see an improvement in service. At time of renewal, the board felt it was time to make a change. Thus, Silver Lake Bluffs has a new provider, TSI Landscaping for 2021. 

Other Reminders

  • Mulching for the season will begin in early March.
  • Power washing will take place this year. The community is power washed every three years. (This is a correction from email you received.)
  • Trash bins should not be stored curbside after the scheduled pick up has been made; this is Thursday for our neighborhood.  Trash bins should be removed from curbside by no later than 6:00 a.m. the next day at the very latest.
  • It is very important that you submit an Architectural Request Form for any exterior changes you have planned for your home or lot prior to making the change.  All exterior changes must be requested and approved in writing. Violation of the Architectural Review process could result in the homeowner having to remove and/or replace the unapproved change. 

As always, if have a questions or concerns, please contact Omega Association Management at 919-461-0102 or email our assistant community manager, Jessica MacDonald at


Jeff Baynham
Silver Lake Bluffs HOA President