Memorandum to All Silver Lake Bluffs Homeowners

The following Memorandum was distributed to Silver Lake Bluffs Residents

Date:        September 24, 2013
Re:           Notes from the Board

As we move into the Fall season, the Board of Directors wants to remind all residents of Silver Lake Bluffs of rules that are set forth in our Covenants to protect the value of our neighborhood.

Architectural Changes:  

Before making any exterior change to your Lot or dwelling, please remember to submit an Architectural Request Form.   You must submit this form and obtain written approval from the Board of Directors prior to beginning any work.  

You can obtain the Architectural Request form at:  Click on the COMMUNITIES TAB and select Silver Lake Bluffs.  Please pay close attention to the approved fence styles for your community.

Inappropriately Stored Trash Bins:

  • Trash Bins:  Trash bins should not be stored curbside, at your garage or in such a manner that they are visible from the street. The scheduled pick up is on Tuesday for your neighborhood.  Trash bins should be removed from curbside by no later than 6:00 p.m. the next day at the very latest.

 Curb Your Pet:

Please dispose of all pet waste appropriately. Pet Waste Stations have been added throughout the community.  Failing to curb your pet is a nuisance, unsanitary and can result in violations and fines from the City of Raleigh.

This applies to pets kept in enclosures in the back yard as well.


  • Please utilize your garage and driveway for parking. Parking on the street is not permitted.


  • It is important for the HOA Board along with management to know who lives in the community.  If you are renting out your unit, or are currently renting in the community, please fill out the enclosed form and send to Omega Management at 1010 Buck Jones Rd. Raleigh, NC 27606 or email the information to Divida Johnson at .

Should you have questions, please visit the Omega website at: to obtain a copy of the governing documents for your community and the architectural guidelines.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep Silver Lake Bluffs a beautiful place to live and visit.


The Silver Lake Bluffs Board of Directors