Welcome to Nextdoor!

We are excited to announce that both the Silver Lake Bluffs Townhome community and the Silver Lake Single-Family Home community have joined together to create a virtual community online through the NextDoor website!

This online community is a free, private neighborhood networking site to encourage community engagement. We hope all of our residents will register and regularly use the forum as means of establishing a healthy dialogue between each other, as well as giving the Boards input on community issues and concerns.

We are pleased that we already have nearly 30 residents registered through simple word-of-mouth advertising. In the coming weeks, many of you will receive a postcard with a link to register, and if we have your email on record, you will also receive an email invitation soon.  Keep an eye out and please sign-up!  We think this tool has the potential to really strengthen and build the Silver Lake community.

You can also join the conversation by directly registering at http://silverlakenc.nextdoor.com/